An introduction to the Arikara language = Sáhniš wakuúnuʼ by Douglas R Parks; Janet Beltran; Ella P Waters

By Douglas R Parks; Janet Beltran; Ella P Waters

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The use of different divine names, especially Yahweh (J) and Elohim (E). 2. The existence of doublets, that is, the same basic story that is repeated more than once, though different characters may be involved. , the wife-sister stories, Gen. , Joseph’s dreams of stars and sheaves, Gen. 37:5–11). 3. Differences of style, including the use of two different names to designate the same person, tribe, or place (Reuel/Jethro; Horeb/Sinai; Jacob/Israel; Ishmaelites/Midianites). 4. Different theologies.

In fairness, it must also be said that conservative Christians have been too quick to distance themselves from the possibility of sources and too closed to any evidence of significant post-Mosaic activity. , Ross; Wenham). Nonetheless, because of the nature and importance of the issue, we will describe both the traditional conservative and the critical positions, attempt to capture the present state of the discussion, and draw some final conclusions. Text and Tradition In a strict sense, the Torah is anonymous.

Behrens et al. (Samuel Noah Kramer Fund, 1989), 107–19; J. A. Emerton, “An Examination of Some Attempts to Defend the Unity of the Flood Narrative, Part II,” VT 38 (1988): 1–21; J. P. Fokkelman, Narrative Art in Genesis (Assen and Amsterdam, 1975); R. E. Friedman, The Bible with Sources Revealed (Harper SanFrancisco, 2003); W. R. Garr, In His Own Image and Likeness (E. J. Brill, 2003); D. Garrett, Rethinking Genesis: The Sources and Authorship of the First Book of the Bible (Mentor, 2003); J. Goldingay, Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel (InterVarsity Press, 2003); J.

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