All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen

By Alice Petersen


“Alice Petersen writes as eloquently concerning the wildlife as she does concerning the international of human emotion and wish. this can be a clever and bold selection of stories.”—David Bezmozgis, writer of The unfastened World

Alice Petersen's All the Voices Cry is masterful and potent—incredibly fulfilling for a reader.

— Kathleen iciness, writer of Annabel

An academic’s spouse, suffering to maintain together with her husband’s quest to discover a long-dead author’s Tahitian love-garden, realizes that her personal notion of paradise not comprises her husband. An architect desires of narrow redheads, Champlain’s astrolabe, and a broom with mortality—and reveals at the least the latter at Danseuses 7 Jours. An aged guy forums a trans-Pacific flight in an try and elude the prediction of a psychic, simply to appreciate too past due how the prophecy has formed his actions.

In All the Voices Cry, glossy existence collides with the entire previous pushes and pulls: urban and nation, the worldwide and the neighborhood, the proper and the genuine. Petersen’s characters chase the mirage of get away, and are stated difficult by means of truth. this can be a e-book rooted in panorama, tangled within the brambles of private heritage, and it introduces in Alice Petersen a wondrous new voice that's yours to discover.

Alice Petersen is a author and critic whose paintings has been shortlisted for various Canadian prizes and awards. She was once born in New Zealand and now lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

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