All About Mechanical Engineering by Don Herweck

By Don Herweck

The elemental ideas of mechanical engineering are Isaac Newton's 3 legislation of movement relating to strength, acceleration and deceleration, and activities and reactions. operating with those simple principles, modern engineers proceed to create innovations that make our lives more uncomplicated.

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Evidence: The nine barrels may have exploded, blowing off the hatch covers. The missing sextant and chronometer would have been helpful in the lifeboat. The frayed rope that trailed the Mary Celeste could have been used to tie the lifeboat to the ship. The water on board could be evidence of bad weather. Recent scientific tests have shown that alcohol can explode without a fire. Problems: There was little evidence of an explosion anywhere on the ship. You’ve seen the evidence and you’ve read the theories, so what do you think happened on board the mysterious Mary Celeste?


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