Alexander Graham Bell (On My Own Biographies) by Victoria Sherrow

By Victoria Sherrow

Turning out to be up, Alexander Graham Bell was once desirous about track, speech, and sounds. He labored demanding to invent issues that might not just support people with impaired listening to, but additionally deliver humans jointly in new and designated methods. What he did not comprehend was once that his easy idea--to support humans communicate--would switch the area while he invented the phone.

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Aleck found her a talented teacher named Anne Sullivan. Helen learned to read, write, and speak. She called Aleck a good friend. 46 In 1892, Aleck makes the f irst telephone call from New York to Chicago. In 1915, Aleck made the f irst phone call across the United States. From New York, he called Thomas Wat­ son in San Francisco. Smiling, Aleck said, “Mr. Watson, come here. ” Watson laughed. He said, “I’d like to Mr. ” Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922 at his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. That day, every telephone in the United States stayed silent for one minute in his honor.

1871—Moved to Boston; taught at the Boston School for Deaf Mutes. 1873—Appointed Professor of Vocal Physiology at Boston University; began teaching Mabel Hubbard. 1874—First thought of the idea for the telephone; met Thomas Watson. March 10, 1876—Spoke the f irst words ever heard over the telephone. June 25, 1876—Demonstrated the telephone at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. July 11, 1877—Married Mabel Hubbard. 1878—Demonstrated the telephone for England’s Queen Victoria. 1887—Met six-year-old blind and deaf Helen Keller.

Aleck hoped to marry Mabel. Aleck kept working on the telegraph. But he also had a new idea. 34 35 Aleck wanted to make a machine that let people talk over wires. He knew that air changes when sounds move through it. Vibrations make waves of sound in the air. Maybe sound waves could also change an electrical current. If they could, spoken words could be sent over a wire. Aleck and Watson began to work on a talking machine, too. For months, they tried connecting wires in different ways. They built new kinds of transmitters.

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