Aircraft Design. A Conceptual Approach by Daniel P. Raymer

By Daniel P. Raymer

This best-selling textbook provides the full means of plane conceptual layout - from necessities definition to preliminary sizing, configuration structure, research, sizing, optimization, and alternate experiences. utilizing a real-world method of the method of layout, this identify beneficial properties greater than 900 pages of layout tools, illustrations, counsel, reasons, and equations. It contains overviews of lofting, subsystems, maintainability, producibility, vulnerability, and stealth; innovations and calculation equipment for aerodynamics, balance and keep an eye on, propulsion, constructions, weights, functionality, and price; assurance of traditional and unconventional layout tools, together with UAV, canard, tandem wing, C-wing, indirect wing, asymmetrical, multi-fuselage, wing-in-ground-effect, and extra.

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