AARP Getting Started in Rebuilding Your 401(k) Account by Paul Katzeff

By Paul Katzeff

AARP electronic variants provide you with sensible assistance, confirmed ideas, and specialist assistance.

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For now, what you should bear in mind is that automatic deposits help you stay the course—a more productive, less anxiety-ridden course. Flexibility Unlike a conventional pension plan, a 401(k) plan lets you choose the size of your contributions (up to certain limits). That gives you the freedom to boost the size of your nest egg. It gives you more influence over how much money you’ll receive from your account yearly. Control You are usually free to select investments from a menu. You can tailor your investments to suit your own financial goals and time frame.

Whether to choose a Roth-style 401(k) account or a regular account. • Whether to select annuity income options offered by more plans. • How self-employed entrepreneurs can set up their own 401(k) plan. If you are a small-business owner, whose only other potential employee is your spouse, your annual contributions can be much higher than the contributions most workers are allowed to make in regular plans. Making It Easy to Understand No matter how actively or passively you participate in your company’s plan, without a large enough retirement nest egg you will be in line for retirement’s ultimate booby prize.

Your best bet for getting more is from a 401(k) plan. In comparison, bank accounts, pension plans, and Social Security look more and more like the proverbial 95-pound weaklings of retirement finance. The typical 401(k) account now has been pumped up to $65,454, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a nonprofit research organization. 3 The relative advantage of 401(k) plans is growing. Account sizes tend to rise over time. Before the most recent level, the average account size was:• $61,346 in 2006.

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