A Year at a Construction Site (Time Goes By) by Nicholas Harris

By Nicholas Harris

Describes how a college is equipped over one year and offers a bird's eye view of the entire approach in 8 scenes.

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The energy captured and stored in plants is passed on to other organisms in a series of feeding relationships known as a food chain. A food chain shows a sequence of species that are connected by arrows. The direction of the arrows indicates which species serve as food for another. In the food chain shown in Figure 1, grass serves as food for an insect, which is fed on by a bird. grass insect bird Figure 1 Figure 1 You know that insects eat more than grass and that birds feed on a variety of organisms.

Shallow, coastal areas provide beds of seagrasses and kelp that provide places to hide, nesting areas, and an abundance of food. Far out to sea where water is deep, light cannot penetrate to the bottom to support plant life. The deep seafloor is generally uniform, providing animals with few places to live. indb 13 5/13/10 12:26:50 PM ECOLOGY ExpErimEnts number of species 14 –80 °N –60 –40 –20 0 latitude 20 40 60 °S Figure3 3 Figure Species diversity is richest near the equator. WALKER/WOOD Bk 8 Ecology Science Fig.

What problems did you encounter when carrying out the procedure written by another lab group? How did you and your partner overcome these problems? Examine Figure 3, which shows a long piece a string called a transect line along which several random points were examined. a. How many points were examined along the transect line? b. ” c. What percentage of the points were hits? To find out, use the formula hits percentage hits = × 100 total points examined transect line hit miss hit hit hit miss hit miss miss Figure 3 Figure 3 what’s Going On?

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