A Handbook of Spectroscopic Data Chemistry : UV, IR, PMR, by B. Mistry

By B. Mistry

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03 m. 76 s. w. 57 u. 2. 2b 3. Alkynes and allenes C-H str. Terminal/ monosubstituted C-H def. (RC=CH) C=C str. "",'"''' } unsymmetrically disubstituted R1C=CR 2 C=C str. , Allenes (C=C=Cj antisym. 13 m. 43 m. O-H str. , compounds) O-H str. , sh. Polymeric O-H str. , br. compounds O-H str. , sh. chelate compounds O-H str. , br. Primary C-O-H O-H def. 94 s. C-O str. 00 s. , sym. 4. 3 5. Alcohols and phenols Free-OH sh. Intermolecularly hydrogen bonded (Change on dilution) Dimeric (Single bridge Intramolecularly hydrogen ,bonded (no change on dilution) single bridge Secondary C-O-H Tertiary C-O-H Phenols O-H def.

Tertiary aliphatic nitroso compounds, N=O str. 62 s. 73 v. Aromatic nitro compounds Amino acids cont. 62 s. Sec. 73 v. NH3+ def. NH def. + eN str. 54 s. Tert. 62 s. a, l3-unsat. 78 v. 76 m. N02 str. aromatic homocyclic compo C=C 1510-1480 NH/ def. N0 2 str. i-p vib. Pyridines, qui no lines, combination C=C and C=N str. C=C+C=N str. ca. 1500 ca. 67 v. Pyrroles C=C str. ca. 1500 ca. 67 S. Aromatic nitroso compounds N=O str. ca. 67 S. Amine saIts NH def. 94 S. Nitrosamines (RNN=O) N=O str. ca. 92 m.

88 s. Urethanes C=O str. 85 s. -CO-CO- C=O str. 88 s. Amino acid hydrochlorides C=O str. 83 s. 88 s. Dicarboxylic amino acids C=O str. 88 s. -CO-CH 2-CH 2-C0Sat. aliphatic acids, C=O str. nonenolic p-keto esters 1725-1700 s. , aryl esters C=O str. C=O str. 80-5-90 s. CH 2-CO-CH 2-ketones a-amido acids C=Ostr. C=O str. 88 s. Ketones, 6-ring C=O str. 88 s. Ketones. 7-ring C=O str. 90 s. Aryl aldehydes C=O str. 95 s. a, 13 unsat, acids C=O str. 92 s. Carbamates. amide I band C=O str. 99 s. -CO-NH-CO-, amide I band C=O str.

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