50 Religion Ideas You Really Need to Know by Peter Stanford

By Peter Stanford

Regardless of common prognostications in regards to the 'death of God' and the triumph of secular materialism, faith continues to be a critical part within the lives of most folks worldwide. There are presently considered 2 billion Christians, 1.2 billion Muslims, 800 million Hindus, in addition to a few seven hundred million fans of different religions.

Religion: 50 rules you really want to grasp bargains a transparent course in the course of the conceptual and denominational thickets of worldwide faith. Award-winning spiritual affairs correspondent Peter Stanford starts off with an exam of sacred texts, the divine precept and sturdy and evil, ahead of relocating directly to a dialogue of different traditions inside Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the myriad customs of the East.

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In several chapters, I discuss myths that may point to the existence of pure parthenogenetic priestesshoods of the daughter-bearing kind in relationship to the cults of Ge/Gaia, particularly in the earliest days of the oracular cults at Dodona and Delphi. The story of Hera’s parthenogenetic birthing of Ares, Typhon, and Hephaestus, which I elaborate upon in Chapter 5, may be an allusion to son-bearing parthenogenesis. 17 Hieros Gamos Divine Birth Priestesshoods As patriarchy continued to develop, male and female deities came to be conceived of in sexual relationship to one another.

Given my theory that priestesses patterned themselves after their goddesses, I submit that one class of sacerdotal women of this time consisted of virgins whose holy reproductive rituals were aimed at generating the spontaneous meiosis of their ova. This type of activity would have corresponded with biological parthenogenesis in the animal and insect world. 12 On the symbolic level, the parthenogenetic creation of the human daughter would have been understood as a process whereby the mother essentially “replicated” herself.

In his second and third books of De Natura Deorum, Cicero notes euhemeristically that divine status was conferred upon distinguished benefactors of humanity and relates beliefs that there was more than one version of several of the deities— among them, Zeus (Jupiter), Apollo, Hephaestus (Vulcan), Athena (Minerva), and Artemis (Diana)—each with a different parentage and set of characteristics. 57) says that Demeter (Ceres) came to be regarded as a divinity because she introduced grain as a food, as well as the arts of grain grinding and bread making.

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