1000 Most Important Words by Norman W. Schur

By Norman W. Schur

According to the competition that we don't utillize speech to its fullest volume, this advisor is a vital aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and constructing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

Indispensable For Writers, audio system, Teachers!
-- improve your vocabulary
-- show your self in actual fact -- and beautifully
-- enjoyable and simple to exploit!

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The word has been taken over unchanged from the French word for slang, pronounced ar go'. arid (ar' id—ar as in arrow) adj. The literal meaning is “ex­ tremely dry”: April, notable for its showers, can occasionally be an arid month. Farmers have a hard time producing crops from arid land. Used figuratively, arid means “dull and uninteresting”: It is sometimes hard to stay awake during a brilliant scholar’s arid lectures. Judges can be turned off by a lawyer’s arid treat­ ment of a case. From Latin aridus.

Life can be pleasant if one is lucky enough to have an avuncular boss. Rare indeed is the avuncular drill sergeant. From Latin avunculus (uncle on the mother’s side), from which we also get uncle. , adv. When something is awry, it is amiss; it has gone haywire. ” When life is going too smoothly, something is sure to go awry—a restatement of Murphy’s Law. From Middle English on wry, wry comes from Greek rhoikos (crooked). axiom (ak' see am) n. An axiom is a self-evident truth, a truism, a general principle that is universally acknowledged and needs no proof.

From Middle English chiden. chimera (ka meer' a) n. A chimera is a figment of the imagi­ nation, an illusion. The Chimera of mythology was a fire­ breathing monster, part lion, goat, and serpent. Hence any gro­ tesque monster or horrid creature was called by that name. But its common use, as in the expression to erect or dream up a 1000 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS / 39 chimera, is to describe a vain illusion, often a utopian wishdream. The hope that the establishment of the United Nations would ensure universal peace was a chimera.

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